Welcome to my website! I am a Junior Professor at the University of Cologne and CONCEPT.  Before this I was a visiting faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania. Before this I was a Lecturer in philosophy at Monash University. Before this I completed my PhD at the University of Connecticut in 2013. My current research is primarily in epistemology, but I also work in metaphysics and ethics. You can find out more about my work HERE. You can find out more about philosophy by clicking on any one of the resource links HERE. (Updated September 2021)

Some of the most interesting and relevant philosophical questions are questions about knowledge and belief (and beyond)… Juries decide the guilt of a defendant on the basis of whether the evidence indicates their guilt beyond reasonable doubt. (Of course, the ideal is to only convict those you know to be guilty.) Take a non-forensic case. You encounter a racist. You think to yourself: “Their views about race are just crazy, there’s no good reason to think we should treat people differently on the basis of race. They ought to give up their racism.” Notice that here, like in the forensic case, further normative judgments are being made. And this is THE BIG QUESTION: what makes such judgements correct? I find THE BIG QUESTION absolutely gripping, and much of my work has been devoted to addressing this question and other questions in the neighborhood. (Updated May 2013)

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