Forthcoming Publications

“A Bayesian Explanation of the Irrationality of Sexist and Racist Beliefs Involving Generic Content” forthcoming in Synthese


“Explaining Enkratic Asymmetries: Knowledge-First Style” forthcoming in Philosophical Studies


“Justification: Propositional, Doxastic, Personal”  (w/ K. Keller) to appear in The Routledge Companion to Evidence, edited by M. Lasonen-Aarnio, T. Dougherty, C. Littlejohn.


“Beliefless Knowing” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly


“Justified Group Belief is Evidentially Responsible Group Belief”  forthcoming in Episteme

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.23.33 AM

“Can Worsnip’s Strategy Solve the Puzzle of Misleading Higher-order *Apparent* Evidence?” forthcoming in Inquiry



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